To do list…

28/9/11- Moved here

Not a bucket list. That’s just morbid!

I stole the idea from here , and felt like noting a few things I want to get done in the next year or two. I’m not saying up until now it’s been a total waste.. or I’m currently in a rut. Examples of things I wanted to get done, and have done, in the recent past include getting a stamp on my passport, buying a car, learning the ukulele, getting round to watch the Godfather Trilogy and going to a Grand Prix. I just hadn’t written them down (apart from the Grand Prix).
Ten seems a nice round number, so I’ll go with that.
1. Go to the top of Cavehill
Not that difficult. It’s near my granny’s house and it’ll only take an afternoon, if even. Yet, I’ve never been up there. I got halfway up a few weeks ago but it got chilly.
2. Go to the Van Gogh museum.
It’s closing at the end of 2012 for a refit. Only for a few months but I want to get there before then. I initially thought it would be longer, hence my goal to go there.
3. Bake a cake.
Since I’ve started baking I’ve made brownies, muffins, banana bread (wasn’t that good) and a sponge cake. But I want to make a big kick ass chocolate cake with icing and all that stuff. Yum! I’m salivating at the thought of it. Wont help my cause for #4 though.
4. Lose weight
Weighed myself this morning. I’m 17st3lbs (c110kg). In 2003, I’d weighed myself for a Tae Kwon Do competition and I was 70kgs. At my heaviest I was nearly 19st, you could say I was a total fat bastard. Aiming for 15st.
5. Play a round of golf
Looks fun. Enjoy playing Tiger Woods on the PS2 and I live beside a golf course. I will suck at it mind.
6. Play a gig.
Me and buddies are dicking about with guitars. Not the previous play Smells Like Teen Spirit then get pissed dicking about, no, we making a bit of effort into it. We’re never ever going to play Wembley obviously, but if we get as far as a dingy local pub we’ll have got further than I expected.
7. Go to a United match
Have been to Old Trafford and done the tour etc, but never been to a proper game. Has to be done.
8. Try a spiceburger (despite it not being a burger.)
When “researching” for that post, I must admit they looked tasty.
9. Read Mein Kampf & Bible
One is a book that fuels the right wing predudaces of a nutcase and the oth.. nah, you can see where I’m goingwith that from miles away. Despite my athiesm and non-nazism I would like to read them. Just because I want to read it doesn’t mean I agree with it or that I’m mental! I’ll leave it at that. Might actually stick the Quran onto that list. And the Communist Manifesto.. it’s quite short.

10. See Tom Petty live
Probably the least likely to happen, as he doesn’t seem to tour Europe anymore! So it would mean going to North America. Still, one can hope.

That’ll do for now. They seem quite straight forward. Nothing mental like “I want to go to space” … I may add more when I tick some of those off.

Edit: 26/9/11.

A few more.

11. Go through the IMDB 250
The IMDB Top 250 tends to change regurarly (e.g. Drive is on it yet only being released last week?!). I’m ashamed to say I haven’t seen most of it, but I can try work my way through most of it. The following are what I will start with seeing they will be easy to obtain.
17. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) (DVD at home)
96. Unforgiven (1992) on V+ Box
184. 8.1 The Wrestler (2008) on hard drive
219. 8.0 The Social Network (2010) on hard drive

12. Spray a bottle of champagne like the F1 podium
Or Cava, or Champale..etc


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