Auntie Annies – 3/1/12

Free Girl Now
Casa Dega
Tell Me
Further on down the Line
Steady as she goes
Born to run

Auntie Annies – 3rd January 2012

We had parted ways with Wheat and we soon found Aidan. Or maybe Aidan found us. I don’t know. Either way, he listened to FODTL on soundcloud and liked it. We soon met up with him and he was able to play along quickly to stuff he didn’t really know. Excellent.
Anyway we had a gig booked for after christmas but circumstances meant we hadn’t met up in a while. We learnt a few covers and the Friday before the gig we reharsed the set. We only got about an hour done until Mckay broke a string so we just messed about for a bit.

Did one more crash rehersal the night before the gig. So in total about three hours rehersal..

After work on Tuesday, I went straight to Aunite Annies (as it was raining). I was there even before the organisers so I went to find food, came back, sat downstairs and nursed a cola, got bored and went upstairs just for something to do. Got chatting to the organisers (nice bunch of lads) and even wowed them with my Michael J Fox knowledge..

Soon Patrick and Mckay arrived, then Aidan. None of the other bands were about yet.. Puntual like spinal tap.

We soundchecked (Free Girl Now) and were done relatively quickly.

After my hi jinx of the last gig I played this one sober. So we waited to start, nursing a “MiWadi”. We were second up so had to wait longer. I just wanted a drink!

I stole this from Aidan’s Facebook.. you
can see my right hand…

When we got playing I noticed I wasn’t as relaxed as before. In fact I was bricking it. My legs were like jelly! Maybe because it was the sobriaty. Maybe I was open and couldnt hide behind speakers. So most of the gig I either subconcinsely turned my back to the crowd, or looked at the neck of my bass or looked out into the distance… Afterwards, I decided I needed to find a happy medium of drunk and sober.

Still we rattled through our set, two Tom Petty songs, two of our own, two more covers. I felt it went okay. The last song was Born to Run by the Boss and Patrick introduced it, the crowd “gasped”, then someone shouted “Dont murder it!”. Fuck. The pressure was on then.

All was going fine, Mckay facemelting the sax solo on the guitar got a cheer but then came the bit after the bridge and just before the “1-2-3-4”.. we all lost our place and all turned to each other in confusion, Adian kicked back into final verse and we got back on track. We managed to save ourselves from a momunental fuck up.

We got mentioned on the radio for our troubles and the ATL blog by the same guy. His main issue seemed to be most of our set was covers. But for 3 hours rehersal I was happy enough..

Apparently Aidan has videos, if he youtubes them I’ll link to…

My living room door…

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