2. Go to the Van Gogh Museum

I’m not an art expert, but I know what I like. That seems to be the thing morons say about arty things. I’m 
not an expert, though I did A-Level Art for some reason and I seemed to enjoy it, and I do know what I like. Monet and Van Gogh and all that stuff… I think the collective term is Impressionists. I could be wrong, as I’ve said, I’m not an expert. The reason being I hated painting (Seriously? Why did I do this for A-Level? It was between that and economics!) but I enjoyed using charcoal and pastels.. therefore anything I did need not be perfect. You could say I  would  “quickly capture the essence of the subject, rather than its details” or something else waffly lifted from Wikipedia.

I wish I still had some examples from my school stuff, but they went when my old PC died…
Anyway the fondness of Van Gogh came from a Van Gogh book, possibly published by the Museum, which we had knocking about the house. I used a few examples from it when doing one of my A-Level art projects.
Plus he seemed like a right mad bastard…
The skull smoking painting used to be my “MSN messenger” profile picture (!) years and years ago and the Starry Night used to be my mobile wallpaper (until Apple took it away!).

I wanted to come here soon rather than later as I thought, at the end of the year, it would close for a few years, as opposed to the few months it actually will be. Still, the opportunity of cheap flights to Amsterdam came so I took them, and I made sure I got the museum into my three day trip.

As it’s a museum I couldn’t go about the place taking photo’s, plus there is no amusing annacadotes in “looked and paintings”, though they had free Wi-Fi and encouraged checking in and tweeting. So I’ll just post them.
Facebook check in with obligatory Metallica reference
1.08pm The Museum replied.. How cool is that?
afterwards – not sure what these legal requirements are.. didn’t ask.

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