10. See Tom Petty live (prologue)

I’ve been to loads of gigs but of everyone still going, I think Tom Petty is the only one I have yet to see live and want to see! Thinking about it, it’s not strictly true, there are probably other bands I still want to see but Tom Petty is different, due to the fact he hasn’t played Ireland in about 20 years. He constantly toured North America so it seemed my only opportunity would be to go to America, like my chums (Patrick from the band and his brother Seamus) who went to Toronto in 2009.

It all seemed a distant dream, until 5th December 2011, when walking out of work I got a text from Seamus, along the lines of “Tom Petty head lining the Isle of Wight”, to which I instantly replied “We’re going!”.

Got home and asked Leona if she fancied going to Isle of Wight, and she did, but it wouldn’t have mattered, I was for going anyway! Booked the tickets online that evening (as my Christmas present to myself… and my summer holidays.)
Up until the gig was announced I kept sending @tompetty tweets asking to play Europe. I decided to take all the credit that was going to.. and I got a reply!! I like to think it’s him replying to everyone.. but it’s probably not!

On the 14th December gigs in Dublin and Cork were announced too! After thinking about it I decided to go to Dublin, my thinking being how many opportunities will I get to see him, and if there were Cork ones available closer to the time I’ll pick one up.
blogger-image--1698165069 Tickets went on sale on 20th December at 9am so I decided to just turn up at Eason’s on Royal Ave (Ticketmaster in Belfast) before work, as it was open early due to Stone Roses going on sale at 8am.

I got there at twenty to nine and was #2 in the queue. Had an awkward conversation with the guy in front of me, I would have been happy with silence but he kept talking about seeing Petty in the Kings Hall in ’93. To try and get out of this conversation I looked busy by texting my friend Seamus, see above,  who informed me they were going to Cork too, which wasn’t a surprise. I was still adamant I was only going to Dublin but ten minutes later I changed my mind and bought the two tickets on two different cards!

Told Leona at lunch time and she was annoyed as she was going to get me a Cork ticket for my birthday! She’s coming to Cork to.. we’ve never been before! Road Trip!!

Nearly 100 days to go! Three TP gigs in one month! Can’t fucking wait!! 


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