MSH – “Plog Boast”

Originally appeared here on the My Sunday Hat site… by me


It’s been a while since anything has been put on this.  That’s poor form. Sure why not have a cup of tea and a kit kat while you have a wee read about some of our comings and goings since an arbitrary date… why not 1st March?

Kitty Sanchez 

On the actual first of March we played our first gig of 2013 in the Stiff Kitten.

Fearon, Patrick and McKay have been going to the Stiff for years and years (probably around the time it first opened – not Aidan, he was about P4 or something then) so it was cool to play there. However, it was strange when we arrived to soundcheck, as it was the first time we had seen the place fully lit. To quote Patrick we had “no idea how we ever got lost in here!”

It was a nice wee venue and as there were spotlights we couldn’t see the audience (which is good as it still freaks me out a bit). We played our new one (at the moment called “new one”) which includes Patrick changing channels on his amp, and no cock ups occurred… which is good.

Some of us stayed to get hammered after our set. I enjoyed Hologram.


A few days after that we travelled to Dublin for our first ever gig outside NI.

Fearon was the poor schmuck who was volunteered to be designated driver.

We managed to get parked somewhere not very near the venue and had had to carry our crap for ages – it was grim.

The whole evening was surreal. First we got interviewed by Kieron, and his producer Hazel, for 2xm. It was a shocking interview, because we said everything you are not supposed to say in a radio interview – which won’t get mentioned here. Though Kieron and Hazel seemed to enjoy it. At the end Fearon joked “good luck getting an edit”. They’ve since aired it, the whole fucking thing, swears and all, at 3pm in the fucking day! Fair play to them like.

Then the bands played. Then us. There was no soundcheck, we just went on stage, plugged in and hoped, but it seemed to work. We did our set, it was grand. Patrick was pished so was having more fun that usual, but we seemed to get away with it.

After us was a Dublin drum and bass band called WOB! who were my favourite! They were so loud and bassy that the vibrations caused glasses to break (including Aidans full pint)! Nice bunch of lads too. They posted us some tins of Guinness to make up for it!

Last on were the Confusion. They were Patrick’s favourite of the night!

At the end of the night there was a “clap-0-meter” to determine who ‘won’. We were tied to the Confusion and there was a sudden death clap off, The Confusion won (aided by Patrick too – he loved them!).

Still, we had a ball and headed home. Fearon made it to bed at 4am. Patrick and Aidan had work at 6am. Patrick got to go home. Aidan didn’t. Fearon had sense to book the day off.

Scene Missing

Not alot happened for a while. Snow, then Easter holidays and all that bollocks, and McKay had to go to Greece for work. When we did get together we we tried to write a new song (henceforth known as “new-new one”). It’s still not totally finished. We are on a third draft as we scrapped it twice. Now the structure is finished, we will have it ready soon.

We had a photoshoot too. After our gigs  in Love and Death Inc, we thought that would be a nice backdrop. We had a laugh, though some of them are ridiculous!

Fearon and McKay also met Mick Foley!!!!



We also have scheduled another day recording for next month – when we will record “new one” and “new-new one”

Tom Petty

We were also on Through the Wall last week. We (minus Aidan who was sick) did an acoustic set.

The first song we did was “new one” which we had to name. We didn’t name it until 5 seconds before we went live. Host James laughed at our shambles. McKay and Patrick checked the lyrics and called it “Jacket”. I doubt it will stay that way.

Later on we did an interview with Patrick as designated speaker. I’m surprised we allowed this after last time (see above), but he was sober and just kept talking about Tom Petty. He literary said his name 7 times in a minute.

We followed this up with a cover of Beck’s “Lost Cause” – a song that none of us had heard until two days before! We really don’t prepare well, do we?


We finished our time on the show with Breaks. Which we were plugging as a single. Woo.

We had a blast (pun absolutely intended!) and James was a great laugh!


Yeah, we are going to release Breaks as a single. On Friday. Check out our shiny new look Bandcamp for details.

Also, Patrick caught the acoustic bug (not really, he always loved the thing!) and is doing a solo show this Friday in McHughs. It’s for charity. Expect some Tom Petty covers. Go!


Yeah, it’s billed as all of us, but circumstances meant that Patrick is only doing it. Though I think the rest of us are going to go… yay!


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