Ich bin ein … Irish person in Berlin

I went to Berlin in October. It was great. Here are some observations.

Currywurst was delicious. I had two the first night I was there, and a few more in the subsequent days.

The Reichstag Building was free to go to but you have to book in advance. You get to go onto the roof garden / dome and have a wee wander. It was closed the week I was there, except the evening I arrived, which was shite.

We went on the Sunday evening at about 10 O’Clock. It was pretty cool but would have liked the opportunity to go during the day.

Festival of Lights.
The week I was there it was slap in the middle of the Festivalof Lights, which are essentially light shows superimposed onto buildings. It’s not as naff as it sounds, it was quite pretty.
Ramones Museum / café.
Museum is a term used loosely; it’s a big room with memorabilia in it. However it was €3 in (or €5 if you wanted a beer during your visit), and for that you also get a free badge which entitles you to free admission for life. It was quite good and the beer was tasty. After a while we sat in the café section and enjoyed looking at the autograph wall.
Mount Mitte.
Leona really wanted to go to this. I wasn’t fussed. But we went. It’s essentially a big climbing frame with jumpy bits and swingy bits. The start was quite easy but the higher you go the more petrifying it is (despite being securely attached etc). It was hard work too. I had a “fall” early on where I dangled for a few minutes and was difficult to get back up. I didn’t wear gloves so my hands were sore and my legs, arms and ribs were killing me the next day. Children made it look effortless which was depressing too. I’m too old.
Non Sausage Meals
To counter act the calories burnt at Mount Mitte, immediately afterwards I had Mexican food and a few Mojitos. I had some sort of triple threat Mexican Meal which was part Burrito, Part Enchilada and Part Taco. It was ace.
The last night I was there I had steak for dinner with access to a salad bar.
Every other meal was sausages, but not breakfast, when I had doughnuts.
TV Tower
We went to the TV tower on a clear morning. Bought our tickets and then realised we wouldn’t get in for a few hours. Went for a dander, got lunch etc and when we came back it was raining and the clouds were low. When we did get up the view was quite good but would have been better on a clear day. I had a beer in the bar and Leona had some cocktail or other. When we got back down it had stopped raining.
Beer was fantastic. The Germans are quite good at it. Who knew?
Don’t mention the war.
You didn’t have to mention it. It was mentioned to me enough times. I had always assumed the myth that events in 1933-45 was just never talked about. Definitely not the case but was handled quite well. I even saw postcards of the Soviets bombing the shit out of Berlin for sale (I thought against buying it and went for a Checkpoint Charlie one).
Checkpoint Charlie.
It was there, I went to see it and then went somewhere else. Went back later on at night when it was empty. As before.
Walked by it a few times at when it was dark. Didn’t fancy going through it. Managed to go there during the day and walked through it for a bit. Apparently the idea is to get lost in it. I didn’t quite do that. Was quite impressive to see in the day but would need a good vantage point.
DDR Museum.
Was a strange affair. There was a disproportionate amount dedicated to nudist beaches…
Topography of Terror.
On the site of the Gestapo headquarters. It was free in and quite heavy going, we only got there half an hour before closing so sadly didn’t get to take it all in.
They didn’t take it all down… there are bits and pieces of it still knocking around on its original path.
I  do enjoy a good zoo. The zoo was quite good, and extensive, as was the aquarium.
It seems I don’t have much to say! All in all – Berlin was great! Here are some more photies  – minus the panos. 

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