Garage Days re-re-re-re-revisited

Not so long ago GarageBand became free on the Appstore. I downloaded it when I noticed and started playing about with it. After a few minutes I noticed that to get some bass I needed to pay £3.99 for the expansion pack. I had a few drinks in me, so why not.

By the next afternoon I had come up with this:

It was nothing serious. Just a bit of messing around. I then tried to come up with a proper song, but couldn’t be bothered. I decided to “redo” a My Sunday Hat song as I knew it quite well and would help me get used to the user interface.

I then tried to do something on my own. Over a lunchtime I came up with this:

I knocked it together quite quickly so was quite chuffed with it.

Over a few weeks I made a few more tunes and put them on my Soundcloud stream. I then tried to create a “proper” song, with a wee melody in lieu of vocals. This was the result:

I liked it initially, until I noticed a bit of it sounds like the Postman Pat theme. But none the less whenever I get round to writing my Xmas Song I would base it on that. Though to make it Christmas-y I need some sleigh bells… and some church bells in place of the Electric Piano arpeggiator bit.. but Apple haven’t provided that for Garage Band.



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