New Home

After six or so years since I signed up to blogger, for various reasons, I have decided to move home. The old one will stay up for a while longer – as there are still a few bits and pieces I need to fix – but then all the posts will be replaced with links to here. I tried doing this once before, about a year ago, using the “conradder” address. As it seemed like some effort I got bored and deleted the site. Now I can’t retrieve that address (hence the catchy “conradderblogsaboutnothing”). Rats!

bloggersStill, will be sad to see the ugly thing go

On 9/3/14 – total general page views was 3,196. Which is impressive enough seeing I didn’t really promote it too often.


I also tried to make sense of the graph below (i..e why traffic spiked at those certain times) – there doesn’t seem to be any reason!


One of the “various reasons” was due to the “spam hits” coming my way. Sure, how else could I explain the crazy interest from Russia?!

countriesAlso getting refers from some NSFW sites added to my suspicions. It’s not fun, during your lunch break, seeing a refer, thinking “oh, what’s this?” and getting a Russian porno site with a view of a lady’s groin!

Though getting hits from around the world was pretty cool.

Popular Posts.
Broken down to views on individual posts was…..


Have I saved F1? 166
TFI Friday 147
Thursday Pitlane Visit 145
C’Monza Goodthing 123
Dam it 119
Are You Alonso, Tonight? 91
How do you get to Carnigie Hall (Via Monza) 86
The Unoffical Biography of Kieth Gillespie 78
Drive in Saturday 72
Bienvenue à Québec! 65

i.e. mainly the F1 themed posts. That would make sense as, if I were ever to “promote” a post (i.e. tweet link), it would only ever be to F1 sites.


keywordsYep – no sense to be made from this either. One noteable refer over the years was “Eddie Jordan Face Stretched”.

Future Plans
Aye – I plan to do this a bit more. Who knows, maybe buy a domain if I’m feeling flush or get bored of it and not post anything for ages. We’ll see.


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