I predict a Raikionnen

Not really. It’s just a cheap pun.

Having listened to an F1 podcast which encouraged 2014 predictions (they even had a blog post for anonymous polled predictions) , I thought to myself “oh, I know, I’ll put on my prediction hat, then take the hat off and nail it to a wall for all to see”. Then in ten months time I’ll look back at said predictions and realise how stupid and clueless I am. So here goes nothing:

Starting off with the teammate battles:

Red Bull: Vettell v Ricciardo
Mercedes: Hamilton v Rosberg
Ferrari: Alonso v Raikionnen
Lotus: Grosjean v Maldonado
McLaren: Button v Magnusson
Force India: Hulkenberg v Perez
Sauber: Gutierrez v Sutil
Toro Rosso : Vergne v Kvyat
Williams: Massa v Bottas
Marussia: Chilton V Biachni
Caterham: Ericsson v Kobayashi

You’ll start to see a theme here. Most of them are common sense, but the “close” ones are just whims. Oh, one point on Alonso v Kimi – Alonso will come out on top, but Kimi won’t care. If it gets heated or “boils over” it will only be because Alonso gets boiled. Kimi won’t care.
I would use bookies odds and see how much I could make if I was right – but I can’t find odds for the Caterham/Marussia drivers (I only checked two sites. I’m lazy)

Most DNFs
The man is a crazy crash happy fool with an apparently dodgy power unit  engine – it’s obviously going to be Pastor Maldonado

Embed from Getty Images

Will calling engines “power units” catch on?
No. The point will be forced for a few races but we’ll all probably forget by Spain.

Race Pastor reaches 12 penalty points:
The man is a crazy cra.. oh yeah. He’s got a history of just crashing into people “just because” and will inevitably rack up 12 penalty points by….. Singapore i.e. he will serve ban at Russia

Will Susie Wolff be any good?
I think Yes.

How long until Vettel acts like a little whiny child:
Malaysia – just like 2012 and 2013

Constructors champions will be …
Mercedes – I think this is the shared consensus, no? At this very moment in time Paddypower has them as favourites @ 1.72

Pole Trophy winner..
With Lewis Hamilton in a quick car, he would be favourite over one lap. No? Well I can’t find any bookies odds to prove or disprove – it seems they don’t care about this made up trophy.

Drivers champion will be...
If it’s between the Mercedes two I’d give it to Rosberg – based on no evidence what so ever. Just because.
Paddypower has Hamilton favourite @ 2.62 and Rosberg at third favourite @6.00. I am crap at gambling but this is different (I’m not putting money down) so it’s definitely Nico’s to win!

Hands up if you agree!

Embed from Getty Images

See you in November….

Edit 16/03/14:
Yesterday, before qualifying, my girlfriend challenged me to a wee wager, where the winner buys the other dinner when we are in London (before our flight to Cuba in December). She decided to pick a top three of Alonso/Vettell/Raikionnen – I added Hamilton and Alonso to my Rosberg prediction. Since there are three choices I have no idea how we decide the winner of the wager. We’ll sort that out in November… probably.



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