Tee Shirt Famous


I was downstairs in Voodoo in the middle of January and noticed the staff wearing a tee shirt with a list of bands, on the back, that have played upstairs. We have played Voodoo and I wondered if we were on the list. The tee was displayed behind the bar, as you can buy them for £10, but my eyesight is too bad to read from that distance. The other option was to ask the barmaid if she could turn around so I could read the back of her tee shirt – but, even though I was hammered, I was smart enough to know that sounded dodgy. Anyway, I left it and forgot all about it.

I was in Voodoo again last night, with Leona, for some birthday drinks. I saw the tee shirt again and wondered out loud if we were on it. I went to the bog and when I came back Leona produced a fresh tee shirt for me (a birthday present, if you will). Fortunately we were on the tee.

Tee Shirt Famous

So yeah, that’s the closest My Sunday Hat would get to a tee shirt – but at least we are in good company – there are some cracking bands on it.



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