Pocket Watches

When I posted about the globe I realised I should post about my pocket watch, nay, three pocket watches.


My dapper Great Grandfather

Last year I was in my grandparents house, and sitting under the picture of my Great-Grandparents (above). My mother found it amusing, as apparently I looked like my Great-Grandfather (I don’t see it either – probably the big nose). I had a look and noted that my great-grandfather was looking quite dapper in the photograph, and I was quite impressed with his pocket watch. That’s it. One innocent comment.

Christmas time arrives. I still go to my folks for Christmas and we open our presents together after dinner (No, not first thing in the morning – we’re all adults ffs!). My sister said that I would be impressed by her present – and I was. To my amusement I got, yes, a pocket watch.


So, in the evening I visit Leona at her folks (and get a second dinner) and told her about the pocket watch. She looked a bit annoyed. She had already told me a gift she got for me hadn’t arrived yet. She told me it was a pocket watch – but I didn’t mind as I will have two pocket watches.


By the middle of January, pocket watch #2 hadn’t arrived. It was coming from Hong Kong, no less, and had to give four weeks delivery. Once this expired Leona emailed the seller and they kindly sent another. This one arrived in three days. Yay! Two pocket watches.


A week later the original package arrived (you could tell by the dispatch note). I could have sent it back to the seller but, probably, it would cost more to post it to Hong Kong that what it was worth. Morally I felt fine with this logic, especially as it meant I have three pocket watches!


Sadly, I don’t have a waistcoat to put a watch in or have to attend any events, which require formal wear, any time soon. But when I do a pocket watch will make an appearance and I will milk it! I may even have a watch for each pocket!!

Keeping with the olde time gent look: I also have a pipe – but that doesn’t require a whole post!



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