Judy (not Shane)

I was playing with my grandparent’s dog (Judy) the other day. Judy is a four and a bit year old Kerry Blue. My Granda has always had Kerry Blues and his naming system has always been the same: Male dogs are called Shane and Female dogs are called Judy.

Anyway, I was playing with this one as it’s a friendly dog. The previous Judy’s and Shane’s have been nasty wee shits (a character trait common in a Kerry Blue). When I was a child one of them pushed me over and another ate my shoe, so I wasn’t keen on them!


Present Day Judy

I don’t know why this one is more friendly, though I’ve known it since it was a pup and I always say hello to it when I visit (it enjoys attention). Though that’s not to say it’s a wimp – it can still be vicious with other dogs and strangers.


Judy as a pup

Though they are nice fluffy dogs and if you find a friendly one give it a wee pet!

Judy has had pups last year and the year before. Up until the first batch of pups I thought it was a boy dog and called it Shane (as per the system). No one thought to correct me.

Kerry Blue pups are bloody adorable too, when they get older they go grey (or blue apparently?) and with their wee beards they look stately – you could say like me. Nah!


Judy’s Shanes & Judys


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