On Easter.

Easter is alright. Yeah, I’m an atheist (or agnostic – I’ve haven’t figured that out yet) and I’m not a mad Tiocfáidh bastard but I still like Easter. It usually a nice day where I get a nice dinner, I drink nice wine, eat a bit of nice chocolate and I watch nice movies.

Last year - post dinner

Last year – post dinner

This year was dead on too! I went home to my folks on Saturday. En route I stopped to buy wine. This year I decided to buy two bottles and I got some beer too. I got home and my sister was making a few deserts for the next day. Later on we went to visit a few relatives and when I got home I sat by the fire, watched Wrestlemania, drank beer and discovered how tasty Innis & Gunn is. Went to bed at about half two feeling groggy.

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

Sunday morning I woke up at the ungodly hour of 9.30am. I had some boiled eggs in a cup with butter (an old favourite).

My da is the non-heathan of the family so he went to mass. The rest of us helped with the dinner (well – I peeled some spuds and made some honey roasted carrots and parsnips). Once dinner was ready I went to pick up my grandparents for dinner.

Lamb with three types of potato

Lamb with three types of potato

Unlike at Christmas I only have one Easter type dinner of the season – so I made sure I had enough. After dinner, my Ma and sister left the grandparents home, I finished off the bottle of wine and watched my stories while my Da had a sleep on the couch. When they came back they forgot to close the gates meaning we would be vulnerable to visitors. I was about to doze off on the couch too when in the corner of my eye I spotted my uncle outside. I woke my da up and my ma came down to entertain the guests – I just finished off my wine.

The weather was nice too

Nice weather too

Later on we had more guests, another auntie (my neighbour) and my Granny made a return.

After that my Ma started making a stew with the remains of the lamb – but that’s another story – then we went to visit another auntie.

When we got back home, I started into the other bottle of wine and finally had a bit of chocolate egg. Watched Heat on TV but was very tired by this point, which was amplified by the heat (no pun intended) of the fire – I only had half the bottle.

I finished off the stew on Monday morning and headed back to Belfast that afternoon. That was my two days at home doing fuck all – something that I don’t get to do as much anymore.


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