Stew Lamb

If you get that pun then you’re a genius!

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“Whoa, whoa, whoa. There’s still plenty of meat on that bone. Now you take this home, throw it in a pot, add some broth, a potato. Baby, you’ve got a stew going. ” – Carl Weathers (Arrested Development S01E12)


On Sunday evening I felt a bit peckish. Looked about the kitchen and noticed pot bubbling away. The remains of the leg of lamb was in the pot. The first thing I thought of was the quote from Arrested Development and thought it would be hilarious to take a photo and stick it on Facebook give all my friends the handful of people who get the reference a laugh.


The people who I expected to get it, got it and “liked” it. An old school chum even commented with a photo of a topless Carl.

Then I got a comment from a work colleague (“Omg boke”) – she’s a vegetarian so you coud forgive that.

Then another comment (“Boke is right, that’s for the bin!!”) made me think that I had to, nay, it was my duty, to show them that a tasty stew with the bone! I took another photo after the carrots were added.


“But we’ve got a stew going”

My Topless Carl posting old school chum sprung to my defence (“Doubters be dammed! Stew on, Conor, stew on!”) and – for him too – promised to keep him, nay, the world, updated! We went visiting so put off the potatoes to the next day.


We have potatoes!!

With that came another comment (“…it’s like watching a cookery programme from a 3rd world country!”) but I was undeterred! Soon I was able to show them the tasty stew bubbling in the pot!



Then soon enough I had a nice tasty bowl of stew!



The initial veggie “boke” commenter did admit that it did look tasty but couldn’t get past the image of the bone – and that it should have been given to the dogs in the first place. But without it I wouldn’t get any delicious lamb stock flavours.

And the dogs got the bone too – and the stray cat that hangs out at my folks house (which my da feeds – not pictured) got some fat from the bone. Everyone’s a winner.


Judy enjoying the bone


Oscar enjoying bone

Later on (like eight hours later) my friend, Marty, drunkenly texted me out of the blue with the comment “Bone = flavotb”, he then clarified he meant “flavour” – he knows the shit like!

So, yeah, nothing was wasted and I learnt how to make stew. In fact next time I make a roast chicken I may do the same with the carcass before I give it to Oscar.


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