First 1000 days

On 15/8/11 I started a quasi life list.

Initially I started with 10 and added a few over time. I have managed to complete some and some are still outstanding. Of the initial ten I have completed six, which is alright I guess. The second batch I’ve barely made a dint into – which is quite crap!

7. Go to a United match
6. Play a gig.
2. Go to the Van Gogh museum.
1. Go to the top of Cavehill
10. See Tom Petty live
3. Bake a cake.
20. Make Chilli Con Carne – from scratch.

In progress
11. Go through the IMDB 250 – Im currently at 102/250. In August 2011 I was only at 60.


4. Lose Weight
When I added this I was using a gym that was part of the apartment blocks I was living at. Since then I have moved and progress had stalled. In January we booked a holiday to Cuba for December. My goal is to get “beach ready” by then. I’ve started by walking.

5. Play round of golf
I have moved away from “beside a golf course” but there are a few nearby.

8. Try a spiceburger (despite it not being a burger.)
I’ve never seen it on sale in Belfast. Though I want to try the one from Banbridge. I’ve had not been that way. The only other chippy that I know does it is Pat Prices in Newry.

9. Read Mein Kampf & Bible (added Quaran and Communist Manifesto)
Laziness. They’re all quite heavy so haven’t been motivated to go near them! I’m going to add “Have a nice day” by Mick Foley to that list – something light hearted – it’s been sitting in my pedestal in work for about a year (it’s signed too!). I may add a few more books to this list (like all the Harry Potters)- otherwise it makes me look like a mentalist.

12. Spray a bottle of champagne like the F1 podium
It’s so bourgeois no? However some nasty £3 sparkling wine will do the job!

13. Have Lobster.
LIDL do £5 lobster but I’m worried that it would be nasty and will put me off all together.

14. See the house from Father Ted.
I’d planned to go that way on the way back from Tom Petty in Cork. But just went straight home. Seeing we have a big holiday in December we might take a wee trip in Ireland this summer. Maybe go that way.

15. Write a Christmas song
I’ve got a melody etc and a rough idea for lyrics. Have to write them down.

16. Make Erwtensoep
Forgot all about this! I must look up a recepie

17. See an orchestra …
My cousin is in a youth orchestra – even that would do!

18. Go to New York
I’m coming 30 in March 2015 (!!), hopefully I go for that, if I can afford it.

19. Do a photography course
I’m saving my pennies to buy a decent camera. When I buy it I will want to learn how to use it properly.

I have been thinking about keeping a rolling list of around twenty or thirty and see how it goes – hopefully it’ll motivate me to do more on this. A few more that I have thought of:

21. Go to Belfast Giants Game
22. Go to Ulster Rugby Game
23. Go to Irish Rugby international at the Aviva
24. Watch all the following TV series: The Sopranos / The Wire / The World at War / Twin Peaks / The West Wing
25. Couch to 5k.
26. Relearn how to swim
27. Buy a domain for this blog.
28. Get my garden “sorted”
29. Visit every county in Ireland.
30. Do a cooking course

Lets see how much progress I make…

The last 1000 days haven’t been a total waste – here are some of the things I have busy doing stopping me from doing the outstanding.

There’s probably more… but I can’t remember. Hence I should probably use this more to help me remember shit, eh?


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