We got a cat.

Cat Beard

Cat Beard

Maisie has been with us for two weeks now. We adopted her from Assisi. She was suggested to us becuase she is quite chilled out – ideal for a first time owner.


When we picked her up she slept in the car home. When we got her home she walked about the living room for a bit, got on the couch then slept a bit more. We liked her style. She has got used to us and has perked up a bit. But still enjoys a good lie down.


Maisie likes her blue bouncy ball, sleeping on the couch, tearing paper, staring out the window, getting the top of her head scratched, the smell of books (in particular feminist literature), hanging out in small dark enclaves and chicken.


Maisie dislikes having to hang out in the kitchen when we are at work, the sound the garage door makes and not being allowed into the hallway (yet – but there are lots of tear-able pages about).

20140520-185545-68145769.jpgShe hasn’t masted getting to the top of the TV unit yet. She has attempted it a few times and fell to the floor. Silly Cat.




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