World Cup predictions

Hey! Remember I did the F1 Predictions? (Note, not doing to bad eh?). Well as my football knowledge isn’t as strong these days, for a laugh, lets make some guesses predictions and see how stupid I look in a months time – and this time I have (a little bit of) money on it!


Group Winners
A – Brazil
B – Netherlands
C – Japan
D – Italy
E – France
F – Argentina
G – Germany
H – Belgium

Dead Last (lowest Goal Difference)
Oooh.. I don’t know. I can’t see any North Korea style shambles. Lets say Iran

When England will be knocked out…
Second Round

Suarez … again. Though hopefully Balotelli does something insane too.

Golden Boot:
Agurrero – only because I’ve £2 on him (12-1)

Argentina – only because I’ve £6.50 on them (9-2)

20140611-165455-60895038.jpgSee you in a month…


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