RIP Ghostbusters Mural

A few weeks ago I arrive at the car park as normal. Something’s not right. The wall looks different, then I realised the Ghostbusters mural (the very one in the banner above!) was gone. This made me glum


A week later – the new mural started to take shape. With the inclusion of wolves, ¬†tags (I think that’s what they are called) and a parchment made me thankful as I feared it would be¬†painted over by a gaudy UVF mural.20140618-181232-65552877.jpg¬†So now it seems to be completed and it’s a Game of Thrones mural. I’ve never watched it (due to it being on Sky, it’s probably never going to be on¬†Netflix and doing stuff the not legal way is a massive pain in the arse) so I’m¬†quite indifferent.


Though having the mural makes sense seeing GOT is filmed in Belfast and surrounding area¬†plus I think I’m the only bearded person in Belfast who isn’t actually in it. The mural also has that chair that everyone sits on in their Facebook profiles.

All in all – fair enough – but I’ll still miss the Ghostbusters. Also, it’s appeared to have eaten into the Angry Birds¬†mural.. waaaah! But these things happen, need to evolve etc and thankfully it’s not another¬†tawdry paramilitary one.



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