An Ode to Temps

I thought I would go for some this Throw Back Thursday carry on. I can’t seem to find anything online about this fine former Botanic eatery but when I found a low resolution picture on an old SD card I had to make Temps live forever via a poorly written blog post.


Temps just after it closed…

Temps was weird. It was a tad dirty. It was dear. It had some horrible ripped sofa’s and graffiti on the walls. The food was also quite average but I still went. All the time!

I started going in 2005 (after the demise of Liberties – my former favourite post drink haunt) on the recommendation of McKay and I wasn’t that fussed at first. It was £6ish for a chicken burger meal (bear in mind this was ten years ago.. and you didn’t get many chips!). However, we got into the routine of every week going to Lavery’s to play pool then going to Temps on the way home.

We recommended Temps to everyone. Most people weren’t fussed or if they knew it already would tell us that it was actually rotten! I think we had one convert though.

It was rotten though, one night one of us had some blue mould on our burger bun. They pulled it off and continued eating. Though, unlike Esperantos, it never made me sick… or maybe it did. Though that may have been my excuse after drinking too much.

Most nights out ended with stopping at Temps on the way home. Temps after a night out was a sight to behold. Anarchy in chippy form. The place would be packed and noisy. Sometimes there’d be music. You’d make your order, you’d get a number and a few minutes later a wannabe DJ would shout your number over a microphone.

My favourite Temps story was when McKay went and the Polish clerk/cook/bouncer started to tell him about some skeet causing trouble and the bouncer kicked his head in – but then turned on the TV with the CCTV footage of the incident playing.

Sadly in 2008 the dream ended. I noticed the For Sale sign and took a photo (on a shitty old Samsung phone) for posterity. Boojum opened on that site soon after that. Mexican food? Fuck that! I didn’t go to Boojum because of what I thought was loyalty to Temps (How stupid). I had my first Boojum a few years after that. Fuck sake! Why didn’t I go sooner?! It’s far nicer than Temps!


Nearly there..


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