World Cup Predictions (Results)


So sad it’s all over…

The World Cup is over. It’s very sad.. but lets see how sad my predictions turned out.

Predicted Group Winners
A – Brazil
B – Netherlands
C – Japan
D – Italy
E – France
F – Argentina
G – Germany
H – Belgium

Six out of Eight – that’s alright. Only Italy and Japan I got shockingly wrong.

Dead Last (lowest Goal Difference)
Oooh.. I don’t know. I can’t see any North Korea style shambles. Lets say Iran

Nope. It was Cameroon. Flip Sake, Iran even got a point.

When England will be knocked out…
Second Round

Nope. Actually it was after their second game so I was half right

Suarez … again. Though hopefully Balotelli does something insane too.

Initially it was going to be Honduras for their fouling ways. But Luis went and won it for me. Plus Balotelli joined the party too.

Golden Boot:
Agurrero – only because I’ve £2 on him (12-1)

Nope. Not even one sodding goal!

Argentina – only because I’ve £6.50 on them (9-2)

Close. What could have been, eh?

So there it is – I knew sod all about football. So do most people though, at least I can admit it.

Anyway, see you in four years…


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