29. Visit Every County in Ireland – (part i-xiii)

So far...

So far…

As part of my to do list – number 29 is to visit every county in Ireland. I’ve been to a fair few, even just to driving through (Cavan for example) but there have been few that I have stopped in (who the fuck wants to stop in Cavan?).

So far I have been to 13…


The Giants Causeway - meh!

The Giants Causeway – meh!


Blarney Castle

Blarney Castle



Guild Hall



I ended up in an Enniskillen Newspaper


Not having a good time at Oxegen

Not having a good time at Oxegen





I know the first rule of the internet but you have to take my word for it until I get a picture:
Armagh – erm.. grew up there
Down– erm, went to school there
Dublin – I’ve a photo somewhere, but not to hand.
Galway – Went for a mate’s stag in 2008 – before camera phones were any good
Louth – boarder county – diesel et al
Monaghan  – my old house mate was from there. Plus I went to a wedding there a few years ago.
Tyrone went to the Ulster American Folk park in P7


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