I predict a Raikionnen (results)

Like my world cup predictions… my F1 2014 predictions were a bit iffy.

My teammate battle predictions were as follows: (green indicates correct, red incorrect – results from here)

Red Bull: Vettell v Ricciardo
Mercedes: Hamilton v Rosberg
Ferrari: Alonso v Raikionnen
Lotus: Grosjean v Maldonado
McLaren: Button v Magnusson
Force India: Hulkenberg v Perez
Sauber: Gutierrez v Sutil
Toro Rosso : Vergne v Kvyat
Williams: Massa v Bottas
Marussia: Chilton V Biachni
Caterham: Ericsson v Kobayashi

That’ 7/11. Which isn’t too bad. I could check out who won in qualifying/race using matchplay rules. But I can’t be bothered.

Most DNFs

My prediction was Pastor Maldonado. Sadly the winner was Adrian Sutil with 7. Pastor was joint second with 6 though.

Will calling engines “power units” catch on?

I said no. Though it came and went. Proper answer is sort of.

Race Pastor reaches 12 penalty points:

He didn’t reach 12, but he was joint first with 5 penalty points. He also was clear winner in most penalties with 10.

Will Susie Wolff be any good?
I thought Yes. Though apparently the jury is still out. I know it was only practice but two tenths from Massa is not to shabby

How long until Vettel acts like a little whiny child:
MalaysiaI was right!! 

Constructors champions will be … 

Mercedes – I was very right

Pole Trophy winner..
I thought it would be Lewis Hamilton – turns out I was very wrong about Rosberg.

Drivers champion:

I thought it would be Rosberg over Hamilton– only as a chancy outside bet- It was close though.  


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