Slow cookin’

I had a £30 voucher for Debenhams and didn’t know what to spend it on. Leona suggested a slow cooker and after that I hadn’t wanted anything more in my life!

The slow cooker arrived a few days later and that weekend I went to the butchers to get a nice lump of pork shoulder to cook in it! By a stroke of luck pork shoulder was on offer and got twice as much as usual.

...only £7

…only £7

I chopped a couple of onions, some cloves of garlic and some chilies and threw them into the cooker. I then covered the pork in pepper and spices et al with a bit of oil and rubbed it all in. Once I’d done this I put the meat on the bed of onions etc.


I then threw in some cider and white wine vinegar and turned the cooker on. As it was about 2 o’clock by this point I had it set to “medium”. I left it for a few hours occasionally turning the meat over.


Five and a half ours later I was able to shred the meat and I put the shreds back into the juices. I turned the cooker to “high” and removed the lid hoping the moisture would condense down.


By hour six I decided to make a barbecue sauce (as we had none) using fried garlic, some stock from the cooker, ketchup and soy sauce. I couldn’t make too much as I hadn’t enough soy sauce.


Six and a half hours in I realised that the juices wouldn’t condense down so I added the homemade BBQ sauce to thicken it. It didn’t work so I found some “sauce flour” and added it to the consistency was right.


Six hours and forty five minutes later I served with jacket sweet potato, spinach and coleslaw. It was quite tasty and I was eating pork for 4 days!


Next time I will try making a chilli with brisket and maybe beef shin. Stay tuned!


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