Mun-Ich habe 36 Stunden drin

Our last few hours in Paris confirmed that the heatwave had ended! It was chucking it down! We as we were up crazy early, so early it was still dark! Walked to the metro station, in the dark and the rain, passing pubs and restaurants that were only closing up. Our train to Munich was at 7.25 and we were on the metro before 6. The train station was only a few stops away but we didn’t want to risk being late. Thankfully, unlike any other time we got it, the metro was quiet.

We got to the train station really early but at least we were able to get some breakfast at the station (croissant, coffee and an OJ) while waiting for the train to arrive and reading the destinations you can go to – annoyed that we live on a stupid island!

The train arrived and departed, so I looked out the window as we left Pairs, then the French countryside, while listening to podcasts. The train journey was pretty uneventful, except for German police getting on at Strasbourg and taking people off at the next stop.

We arrived at Stuttgart but only had 40 minutes until our connection. As Leona collects the Starbucks city mugs we spent most of that time trying to find a Starbucks in the train stations (Google said there was one!), then onto the neighboring streets. While she did that I decided to sit in the train station with our bags and the many pigeons. She returned mug-less but with some baguettes for next train.


Stuttgart, we hardly knew ya

We got on the next train and I watched the German country side go by while listening to Podcasts. Sadly, this train wasn’t as quick as the previous one.

We arrived in Munich in the early afternoon. We were able to check in to our hotel and freshen up before cramming in all the Munich we could before our train to Budapest the next evening!


First we headed towards Marienplatz and got a bit of lunch. I was only in Munich an hour and was able to tick off one of my objectives: Eat weisswurst. With my weisswurst came some salty pretzels and I also ordered a weissbier, which I’m not usually fussed on but since it is what you are supposed to drink with it, why not?



The sausages were delicious but very rich and meaty! The only annoying thing was you have to remove the skin before eating it.

We walked around Marienplatz some more and then headed towards the English Gardens via Poets Garden. At the English garden there were a lot of people jumping into the river. It was a really hot day and I was tempted to jump in but I resisted and sat on the river bank with my feet in the water.





We noticed the occasional surfboard flowing down the river so we walked further up the river and watched the surfers on the artificial wave. We then found a tiny bar. I ordered a radler (beer and lemonade) by accident but it was very refreshing in the heat! The bar also had a bottle deposit scheme, which meant we got €1 back when we returned our bottle.It keeps the gardens clean – so a good idea.


We essentially got lost in the Gardens for a while, just walking though the park, finding other surfers and then, by accident, we found an outdoor beer and food hall! We ordered two 1L beers and Leona went to get some food. She came back with currywurst (already a favourite of mine) and some sauerkraut for me and she got some fried potato thing.


“Those Germans have a word for everything!”


It was about 8 or 9 by the time we got out of the park so we got the U-Bahn back to Karlsplatz. The train had wood paneling on the inside. It was so amazingly retro! We got back to the hotel and had an early night due to the early start that morning! Sadly the room wasn’t air conditioned so I didn’t sleep well!


Wood Paneled U-Bahn 

The next morning we had to check out by 11 so was up early enough. I asked the reception if they did held luggage (because we had 12 hours until our train) but she looked at me as if I had two heads. I’m pretty sure they did though. We hoped that the nearby train station did have some storage lockers. We looked around and finally found some, and more importantly, all our luggage would fit.

After breakfast (a muffin in a coffee shop) we decided to take one of those hop on/hop off bus tours as that would be the easiest way to see as much as Munich as possible within the limited time we had left.




After driving about the city our first “hop off” was at Nymphenburg Palace. We spent about an hour there, just walking around and looking at things. It was all very nice. Having read about it on Wikipedia there now I realise there was a lot more to see, but I didn’t see it.



It was another scorching day so we stopped for a cold drink and an ice cream before going back to ‘hop on’ the bus.

Our next ‘hop off’ was at the Olympic Park. I was tempted by the big tower (I’m a sucker for big tower).




After the top of the tower we went to the bottom of the tower where there was a gift shop, buying a few trinkets for family and whatnot. This was about 4.30, so we decided to get some chips to share. We sat on a bench eating the chips and a swan (or goose, we aren’t sure) came up to us, chopping it’s beak. It was a terrifying noise so we gave it a chip to get rid of it, but it came back. It kept harassing us until all our chips were gone.


To get away from the terror-bird we went on a little motorised train-thing-on-wheels tour of the park. It was like sitting in a greenhouse with a little flap on the side to let air it, but thankfully it wasn’t too long. Then we had to hop back on to the bus and head back to the city centre.

When we returned to the city centre we headed for a Starbucks for City mugs, obviously, but took the chance to get out of the heat, enjoy their air conditioning and have a frappachino. We checked a guide to see where we wanted to eat dinner. Leona spotted that there was a Mexican restaurant on the street the train station/our hotel was on and so it was decided we were having Mexican for dinner!

We walked up and down the street but couldn’t find this Mexican restaurant. The Mexican food dream was over so we walked about trying to find somewhere nice to eat but Leona remember she seen another Mexican place near to where we left the English Gardens. It was decided, we were getting the U-ban to Giselastraße and finding this Mexican food!


The restaurant was called Don Luca and it was very nice. I had a chicken wrap and pork warp, covered in cheese and guacamole etc. I also had a few tasty Munich beers!

Post Mexican food we returned to Marienplatz to have a walk about in the dark. Everything was nice all lit up and there were cool buskers playing great music on the shop fronts. The shops were closed but the streets were still busy, a novelty for someone living in Belfast.


We went back to the train station at about 10pm to collect our luggage. I then bought a stamp so Leona could send her folks a postcard and post it at the station. I was going to get some snacks but decided not to thinking there would be a dining car on the train. As we sat in the train station we sat looking at all the destinations we could go to, annoyed that we lived on a stupid island!

The train arrived, we got on and found our cabin. About ten minutes later the conductor came to us, took our tickets and asked if we wanted tea or coffee for breakfast. I asked about a dining cart but there wasn’t one! There was some bottled water in the cupboard above the sink. It was warm so I asked about air con. The conductor advised that some cool air would blow in the window when the train was moving… uh… The conductor left and I had a drink of the bottled water, it was warm and sparkling… uh, crap!

The train was late leaving, by about an hour. That hour was spent baking in the cabin wishing for the train to move. Once the train pulled away I decided to get undressed for bed. Despite the cool air blowing in, it was far too warm for anything else so I decided to sleep in my pants, but I couldn’t close the blinds when the window was open. Therefore our choice was privacy or cool air.

I chose cool air.

I couldn’t sleep so I listened to some podcasts while looking at the starry sky. I soon dosed off.

I woke up in Salzburg (not Strasbourg, duh!) train station where a conductor was walking past my window. He could probably have looked in and see me in my wags. I was too warm to care. Half the train was splitting off to Venice and after a very long time in Salzburg we left again. I looked out the window some more and dosed off.

I woke up in Hungary!


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