Budapest Qualifying

Was up early but feeling quite groggy because of the previous nights escapades. Due to the lack of ‘fried goods’ in the hotel to cure our hangover, I volunteered to go to the other side of the square for a McDonald’s breakfast. To my dismay McDonald’s was closed but luckily I found a Subway, with someone who spoke English, to get me some sort of bacon/egg/ketchup combo.

I got back to the hotel ate the breakfast and then went back across the square to get some water and some food to bring to the circuit. On the way back I met the Swedish couple (whose names I actually did get) having a smoke. They had booked the taxi so I went into the hotel to get Leona, but she was already in the lobby waiting on the coffee she ordered for me.. Yay!

The taxi arrived, and because I was the tallest, I sat in the front. I wish I hadn’t, because I got too good a view of scary Hungarian Driving. We arrived at the circuit quite quickly though and it only cost 7,000FT! Annoyingly, we were dropped off at the main entrance, beside Turn 1. We had two options and both involved a long walk! We split from our Swedish chums and we walked to the merchandise area because Leona wanted to get a T-Shirt.


She got a Ferrari vest top thing, because she didn’t want to feel out of date with her Vettel Hat and because she bought some Official F1 ™ merchandise, from an official F1(tm) seller at the official F1(tm) Grand Prix ™ weekend ™, she was given two tickets to go on the F1 2015 Game Simulator (sorry, forgot the tm’s). She didn’t want to have a go so I took the opportunity. So we went to the game simulator and did a few laps in a race with, and was subsequently embarrassed by, five children. That’s not fair. I didn’t come last.. the very young children were worse than me.





We had to walk some more. We couldn’t go along the natural flow of the circuit to our seats – we had to anticlockwise. We couldn’t even go along the perimeter of the track because of stupid grandstands in the way, so avoiding them added more walking. One positive was I got to see different views of the track – but the walking and the heat made me really sweaty again! Though I had the foresight to bring a change of t-shirt!

Change of T Shirt

Change of T Shirt

Anyway, we eventually arrived at the grandstand and it felt like a sense of achievement. Changed T-Shirt (to something F1 related) and watched Free Practice 3. Sat in our actual seats, so assumed the guy from yesterday was just a chancer! Can’t remember anything of note happening (unlike the day before). After the session we got some lunch and a sit in the grass. I tried a Paprika Hot Dog (a Hungarian favourite, apparently) and then some ice cream to cool off!


We returned to our seats to watch qualifying. I was sat beside a French lad who cheered for Lotus (mainly Grosjean) and Alonso. He seemed dead on and had a decent length camera lens (jealous!). He was happy when Alonso got into Q2, but annoyed when his car broke down and he had to push it back to the pits (he might of said “Sacré Bleu”, maybe I made that up. Qualifying finished, Hamilton was pole, all the English people around me we happy enough. I was just thankful it wasn’t as hot as Friday (but it was still hot!).



This lad’s flag flew off soon afterwards

We met us with our Swedish taxi buddies (who were on the grandstand beside us) at the bar/food stand. We pondered if we were going to walk back to the taxi stand from that morning or walk to get the bus to the train station, but it was all academic because we noticed a taxi rank outside our gate, so we just waited there for a taxi. It was a long wait though because it was  ‘exclusive’ to one taxi company, and it seemed they only had a limited number of cars doing runs into Budapest and back. As we got closer to the front of queue we noticed other companies pulling up and collecting people. The man ‘supervising’ the queue advised against us taking them because “they might overcharge” or something. Either way a taxi arrived and we made it back to Budapest. Once again the taxi was relatively cheap for the distance we covered (about 10,000FT).

Sunburn update

Sunburn update

After a wash and change of clothes we went for something to eat. We played it safe and traveled to Oktagon to go to TGI Fridays. I had ribs… topped with bacon!! That was amazing!

After dinner we got a train with the intention of exploring the Buda side of the city. The clouds were darkening and the wind was picking up. When we got of the tram we could hear thunder clapping and it was getting louder and louder. Having experienced the crazy rain on Thursday we decided to promptly get the tram back to somewhere near the hotel. While waiting at the tram another man started shouting at me in Hungarian with me having no idea what he was on about. I think he was giving off because I was foreign, I don’t know.

We got back to Blaha Lujza tér and found a bar called Jonny Pumps. They sold Dreher, so I drank some Dreher. They sold cocktails so Leona had Cocktails. We had a few drinks there as the thunder (and now lightning) was getting closer. Still no major rain shower thankfully!

After Jonny Pumps we called into a bar which was part of a hostel. Had a beer there before going to bed. I was getting very sleepy as the night before was catching up with me. They were showing a local Budapest derby. It was a terrible football match!


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