Budapest bits and pieces


The day after the Grand Prix we weren’t sure what to do with ourselves, we went for old reliable: A hop-on/hop-off bus tour. It was a shame that practically everyone who was in town for the Grand Prix had the same idea.

We found someone selling tickets, we wanted to buy tickets, but they still insisted on giving us reasons to buy tickets. “There’s a river cruise”, “You get these [unofficial] Ferrari branded [fake] Beats earphones”, yeah, yeah, just sell us the tickets please! Note: the fake beats earphones were even more terrible than I expected.

We arrived at the ‘hop on’ stop to join dozens of irate English people, gurning that they couldn’t get one a bus! Buses were full and no one was ‘hopping off’ at that stop. They had ordered more buses to come to keep with demand, but they continued to gurn at anyone who’d listen. I stood back and laughed at them!



We eventually got on a bus and just did a lap of the route (as it had started raining heavily) and eventually we got back to where we started. We ‘hopped off’ to find somewhere for lunch and tried to decide where we wanted to go.


We hopped back onto a bus and headed to Buda Castle. Walked around, had a look, bought some souvenirs and had a beer. .


We didn’t go on the Funicular though.


dsc_0536dsc_0538dsc_0548Then we walked to the Fisherman’s Bastion – had another look around.




We then walked back down the hill, over the bridge and went to find the dock for our boat tour. The boat tour was very, very cold, as we we went up the river it was daylight/dusk and when as we went back down it was proper dark. It was quite fortunate timing to get both!






After the boat tour we tried to find some dinner.It was quite late at this point. We had our third attempt at going to the Hard Rock Café. We were told it would be an hour wait, and I looked perplexed at the empty tables. The waiter spotted my cynicism and told me it was an hour wait for food. Dead on. We went to an Italian place around the corner instead. It was nice.

After dinner we went to the Ice Bar which we thought was nearby. The ticket place was nearby. We walked in, got tickets and was told the Ice Bar proper, was “down the street”. Wasn’t really down the street, felt like a mile!



Still, it was grand for what it was, standing in a freezer drinking cocktails. We were there about half an hour. After the ice bar we got the tram back to the hotel!


Monday was cold, but my last full day in Hungary was the first time it was “jeans weather” for a few weeks.

We headed to Vajdahunyad Castle, had a look and walked around City Park 


We then headed to Hero’s Square but got side tracked by a Paddling Boat hire place before eventually making it!



We tried to find some amusements but gave up and jumped back on the metro to Oktogon for dinner. Then Johnny Pumps for a few more beers on our last night


One Budapest Regret: not going to Memento Park


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