Sligo and Leitrim

29. Visit Every County in Ireland – Part XVI and XVII


For some reason my Ma wanted us all to go somewhere for my Da’s birthday. Sligo was the place chosen – mainly because I thought it was closer than it is! I left Belfast at just after three – we arrived in Sligo sometime after six. There were a few stops for Diesel, chips and what not, but still a long drive. Especially as it was dark, cold and, in some places, snowy! We also drove through Cavan and Leitrim … didn’t stop.. so it doesn’t count, hi!

We were staying in the Clarion hotel and met with family to go get dinner. As it is December I would prefer a Christmas Dinner but the hotel restaurant didn’t do that… the actual fuck? So I Googled restaurants on my phone, called the first one and inquired if they did a Christmas dinner and tried to order five before my Ma stopped me.



We went to Coach Lane Restaurant at Donaghy’s bar and ordered a Christmas Dinner (Everyone else ordered not Christmas Dinner! … the actual fuck?!). I also drank an IPA called Cute Hoor. It was nice!

After dinner we went back to the hotel and had a few more drinks. After my Ma and Da went to bed some jabroni came over to us and tried to scobe drink! He got annoyed when we had a debate about the Lion King (I told him it was bollocks!) – he went to the toilet and we abandoned him and went to our rooms.

The next morning we got up and went to find breakfast/brunch in Sligo. We ended up in a cafe called Knox. I had some sort of chorizo, potato, tomato, egg thing (can’t remember what it was called) … it was nice, but straight out of the oven so burnt the mouth of me before I let it cool down! Leona had french toast!

My Da, now in his 57th year, was suspicious of a place that didn’t “do a fry”. My mother ordered a burger for him.

After brunch Leona, my sister and my Ma pissed off to do shopping. I went to Penny’s (with my Da) to buy some nifty Star Wars socks (and got him a hat). I then went to Eason’s to have a look at books, bought a bottle of coke and a Winning Streak scratch card (as it is an ambition to be on that show!). I didn’t get three stars but I won €5!


Then my Da and I went back to the car to wait on the rest. As it’s December we listened to Tim Wheeler/Emmy the Great’s Christmas Album. My Da wasn’t impressed.

When they returned Leona and I drove towards home. I stopped in Manorhamilton (therefore it counts!) to cash my scratchcard and get two more(maybe my criteria should be buy a Winning Streak Scratchcard in each county?). I won another €5! I just cashed it and headed back home, driving through Cavan again but not stopping… so it doesn’t count!

Manorhamilton Petrol Station... it still counts!

Manorhamilton Petrol Station… it still counts!


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