I was in Prague for a weekend – a stag weekend, if you will – but thankfully we aren’t you’re average cliched banter wankers – and if we were, I’m sure we were being ironic. This was before the EU referendum and sterling went to shit….



We did get a limo, not ironically, from the airport – sure why not! It was only about £75 for 6 of us. We got an Uber on the way back to the airport – it was cheaper than a limo (299KR or about £10).


we stayed (near) here


We got an Airbnb – located a few minutes from the main square. The place was a palace and only £60 each – though we were warned that the neighbour was a wanker so we had to go in, and leave, two people at a time – memories of Canada there

“Stag” activities!

img_7832-1Unlike the cliched stag activities – like paintball and what not – we went to an escape room. It was good fun! Yes, we are dorks.. and what?





img_7627Beer was nice and cheap, usually Pilsner Urquell or Staropramen – about 30-60KR depending where you went (about £1-£2!!!). We went to an Irish bar to watch a match and wrote it off as a “dear hole” because beer was slightly over £2 (!) – Someone went to the shop to buy beers and equated it to 30p a bottle!!

We visited many bars but honorary mentions to Harleys and Chapeau Rouge because we ended up there a few times.

We also got a fish bowl – but the less said about that the better




Unlike other city breaks – I didn’t go to any museums or anything.. because I was with the lawwwwddddsss.. oi! oi! Nor did I use the metro – which is sad – because I love a good rapid transport system!

Misc Sightseeing

We saw some sites when walking around.



The less famous Prague clock


a bin

a bin

All in all Prague was good – though we didn’t venture too far out of the Old Town – I’d go back for a non stag holiday… or another stag.. or both…


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