As previously stated:

This will probably be useful as it’s inevitable the next time an old photograph is found it will come my way.

My Grandfather died in April, and during the wake an old, damaged photographed of him in his busman uniform showed up, and it did indeed come my way.

When I returned to work, after a few days off, I got stuck into it. Half worried it would be “too soon” to have to stare at a picture of him for most of the day but I wanted to get it done and get a print for my Granny. Suprisingly it was somewhat theraputic i.e. it took my mind of things having to concentrate on one solitarty task and working on little details. 

Unlike the first attempt, I’d learnt to reduce the opacity. Overall it turned out alright but annoyingly I noticed a blemish after I ordered some prints! I reckon I could have spent a lot longer working on it but alas I wanted to get the prints quickly. I ordered a load for family members and they were happy with them. It even got published in the Irish News. So technically I’m a published photo editing person!

It’s a few months later, but it’s still tough. I’ll miss him.


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