Right! This should have to do for now:

Hello. This is me:


My name is Conor. I have a beard. I used to have long hair, but now not so much – I’m getting quite old for that. I’m 32 and taller than most people. I work in IT and am a part time student (3rd time’s a charm!). I live in Belfast with my fiancée and our cat.

I like lots of things which might become evident here. Formula One. Photos. Techie things. Beer. Eating. Music and gigs. A bit of reading. Fitbah. Trying my hand at music making. Crap puns. Watching films and TV. Going to places. But be assured – I’m not one of the cool kids.

Intial blogging
I signed up to Blogger years and years ago. I didn’t start using it properly until 2011 when I blogged about going to Barcelona for a Grand Prix. The reason being that I couldn’t find much information on the web about how to get to the small town outside Barcelona where the Grand Prix was held. I had to write that wrong (that pun was unintentional – I’m just a moron who can’t spell – I’m keeping it in though).

“I have always maintained that’s my favorite blog about F1 and spice burgers” –  G – 25th November 2013

I liked the name “a blog about nothing”. I like Seinfeld and thought “oh, that’s a clever and original name”. Never mind.

Going Forward

I intended to use this as a means to make me remember stuff in the future – my memory is getting shocking. Though I have plans going forward but we’ll see…

Other places
Join the party!


I can barely tolerate people on Facebook as it is so leave that party alone..


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