Right! This should have to do for now:

Hello. This is me:


My name is Conor. I have a beard. I used to have long hair, but now not so much – I’m getting quite old for that. I’m 31 and taller than most people. I work in IT and am a part time student (3rd time’s a charm!). I live in Belfast with my girlfriend and our cat.

I like lots of things which might become evident here. Formula One. Beer. Eating. Music and gigs. A bit of reading. Fitbah. Trying my hand at music making. Crap puns. Watching films and TV. Going to places. But be assured – I’m not one of the cool kids.

I signed up to Blogger years and years ago. I didn’t start using it properly until 2011 when I blogged about going to Barcelona for a Grand Prix. The reason being that I couldn’t find much information on the web about how to get to the small town outside Barcelona where the Grand Prix was held. I had to write that wrong (that pun was unintentional – I’m just a moron who can’t spell – I’m keeping it in though).

“I have always maintained that’s my favorite blog about F1 and spice burgers” –  G – 25th November 2013

I liked the name “a blog about nothing”. I like Seinfeld and thought “oh, that’s a clever and original name”. Never mind.

I tend to use this as a means to make me remember stuff in the future – my memory is getting shocking – in fact I struggled to remember stuff for this post. Though I’m trying to use it more and even refreshed the whole thing to encourage me to do so but I’m just incredibly lazy. So we’ll see what happens.

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I can barely tolerate people on Facebook as it is so leave that party alone..


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