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A stream of babbling consciousness on a Wednesday afternoon…
I’ve been neglecting this lately. Mainly because I can’t be bothered I’ve been quite busy [1], but have had things I meant to post [2] but obviously didn’t get around to [see 1].

Even if I’m not doing much with this, the twenty quid  (or whatever it is) a year for the domain won’t kill me so I may as well hold on to it but use it for something useful.

I’ve been toying with the idea of turning this into some sort of professional portfolio type thing.. Obviously I don’t have much professional portfolio type stuff to stick on it but it might be useful for, I dunno, documenting things I do/learn in uni etc. Plus in the past random blog posts have helped me along with assignments and whatnot (e.g. This one was a life saver a few months ago when I was tying to learn Javascript on the fly (oh! i should write about that!)) so having more of those posts out there… isn’t a bad thing? Right? Anyway, I think I’ll have some assignments coming up where I’ll have to write learning logs or something and in two years I’ll have to do a final project, so it’s probably a sensible idea to get some experience of writing technical stuff now, when it doesn’t matter, rather than freaking out about when I have to do it.
Another thought is it would be useful to catalogue all the random crap I’ve done and skills or experience I’ve acquired over the years (a CV should only be two pages – it doesn’t have room for the CD cover I designed on the fly in Photoshop, or the band website I created, for example).
But I’d rather not just hit delete and start again, some of what’s here is okay, and keeping the world updated on my Christmas dinner intake is important, so redesigning the whole thing but continuing with a wee blog as a subsection, and hosting it somewhere else, will be the idea. It’ll be a while though [see 1 again]. . But I’ll get around to completing this… eventually… (that’s the end of my steam of consciousness) 

Some Footnotes:

[1] for example: full time job, part time degree, house renovation stuff etc etc

[2] Example inlcude



Eighty Hours in Reykjavík

We took a long weekend in Reykjavík for Leona’s 30th birthday.

The flight was crazy early so got to the airport for 6am. Going through security we noticed that the flight was delayed for over two hours. Alas the only thing to do was get some breakfast then have some beer! We got some vouchers because of the delay and was told that the delay had been reduced to one hour, which wasn’t so bad. Tried to sleep on the flight but didn’t have much joy!

Having been warned that drink was crazy expensive in Iceland (and Reykjavík only having something like two off licences) we elected to buy some booze in duty free at arrivals (à la Oslo). Got some tasty beer (some pale ale and pilsner) and also some Eglis jólabjór which,I didn’t realise, was a  Cola-esque malt beer – popular at Christmas time. One or two was okay, but more than that was sickeningly sweet.

We found our bus to Reykjavik – I couldn’t remember our stop (the Airbnb was near Hotel Leifur Eiriksson) then my I remembered it sounds a bit like Sven Goran Eriksson so i just said Eriksson – the bus driver gave me a green transfer ticket. After about an hour we arrived at a bus station in Reykjavik and we split into mini-buses which corresponded with our transfer ticket. To cut a long story short – we were on the wrong bus, taking us to a hotel at the far end of town. The driver was kind enough to drop us off at the right place.


Our drop off point was across the road from Hallgrímskirkja, which was about two minutes from our Airbnb. We had agreed to meet the host at a coffee shop, across the road, called Reykjavik Roasters. This was the first time I’d used Airbnb myself, therefore making it my first Airbnb awkward meeting. Thankfully Heba, the host, was quite friendly and recommended some places to eat, told us were convenience stores were etc. Also she was quite flexible with check out times!

It was lunchtime, so we ventured out to get food and explore a bit of Reykjavik before it got dark (a few hours later!). We hadn’t got far until we found a burger place called Chuck Norris Grill. The burger was nice and I had a tasty beer so all was good.


After lunch we walked down to Sun Voyager sculpture and had a look. Then walked on the footpath along the sea and got really cold! We retreated back to Laugavegur and found a cafe called Kaffi Brennslan to warm up in and get a coffee.


We decided to go to a shop for a few bits and pieces. I spotted another Malt beer, but it had a picture of Santa on it so decided to get it (turned out it was nicer than the Jolabjor). We had only eaten a few hours previously but felt it was a good idea to eat something before we went on the Northern Lights tour. We just got a frozen pizza to eat in the apartment.


Seeing we had an hour to kill before the Northern Lights tour so we went to Cafe Babalu for a warm beverage. We only wanted to go there because we heard about the Star Wars toilets. The place was dead on – though there was some English lad talking to his made and kept making eye contact with me which freaked me out!


We waited out side Hotel Leifur Eiriksson for our bus, a mini bus arrived and drove us to a car park outside Reykjavik where we got onto a bigger bus. Sadly this bigger bus was pretty much full but we found some free seats at the back. Worse still there were four wankers, from England, sitting in front of us. Within seconds I was annoyed I didn’t bring a) earphones and b) beer to get through the bus trip!

The bus trip was dark for the most part, so couldn’t really see look outside. Though we drove past a artificially lit green house.. that was really bright… and pretty cool. We also saw a grave yard were the headstones were lit up. The tour guide was trying her best to keep us amused in the dark bus by giving facts about the Northern Lights, telling Icelandic folk stories, singing Icelandic Christmas songs etc etc but the English one’s in front of us kept interrupting and being general bellends. Thankfully we got some rest bite when the bus stopped for a piss break at a restaurant/shop then we headed out to the site where we would try and see the lights.


We walked up to a viewing point (not realising it’s beside a giant crater!). There was not much aurora action going on for a while but the guide was trying to be optimistic. Then she pointed to the sky and said there was a wee bit. It wasn’t strong enough to see with the naked eye so I tried to take photos with a long exposure. However, like an idiot I forgot that I would need a tripod, or something similar. I tried to improvise by using fence posts/Leona’s head. The camera was able to pick up some colour in the sky but it wasn’t enough so the guide said that if we emailed the tour company we could get another tour free! We were served some hot chocolate and got on the bus back to Reykjavik.


I fell asleep on the bus but an hour or so into the trip back the tour guide woke us up saying she should see the aurora from the bus. The bus parked at a stop off the road. I was able to get a decent shot of the lights from the bus with on a few second exposure. Some of us got off the bus to take photos. Still without a tripod, I just tried to hold the camera really still but it was so cold I was shaking a lot! Still managed to get some shots.

15178074_10157650869030012_4520845457128585845_n 15193425_10157650869135012_6629557113442275237_n

As I was no longer asleep I had to enjoy the musings of the moron’s in the next row. To be fair, only three of them were dickheads, one managed to sleep through the whole tour!

We got back to Reykjavik in the wee hours and was glad to get to sleep!

We grabbed a quick breakfast, from a bakery Heba recommended, called Braud & Co. We got some pastries, pan au chocolat/croissants and the like, with some coffee and ate it in the flat.

Our pickup was at a different hotel, but was about the same distance away as the night before. Again, a minibus picked us up. This time we were taken to the bus station to get on the bigger bus to the Blue Lagoon.

The Blue Lagoon was great! I walked outside in my trunks and it was very, very cold. I quickly scuttled into the water and it was nice and warm! Leona then joined me and we bobbed over to the bar and I had a tasty cold beer, in the warm water. What’s not to like?


… maybe the facemasks? We bobbed over to the place with the facemask cream and obviously I got it in my eyes… more than once! We bobbed about in the water for about 90 minutes and enjoyed a few more beers. We even talked to some nice English people (who were going to Belfast on New Years Eve) and some nice Americans.


After all that bobbing about, we got changed, and went to the cafe where I had some more tasty beer and some sushi. We then checked out the gift shop and jumped on the bus back to Reykjavik. We stopped off at Kaffibrenn, again, to have a wee beverage before going back to the flat to drop our stuff and get ready for dinner!



We tried to find somewhere but most places were busy – we eventually stopped in a bar called Boston – they did wings, fired chicken and nachos etc therefore as good a place as any to eat. We stayed there for a few drinks. I quite liked the place.

We had breakfast in Reykjavik Roasters, which was across the street from our Airbnb, and had coffee and some pastries. It was a nice wee coffee shop. We were sat beside the turntable and was asked by staff to change the side of the record. I didn’t dare as my big stupid hands would probably have caused the needle to scratch the record.


Looking something more to eat, we went for a walk and ended up in Kaffi Brennan again  where we split a waffle with bacon! Then we made our way back to Hotel Leifur Eiriksson for our bus pick up. We spun around town picking up other people but thankfully we didn’t have to swap buses. Our bus picked us up at 12 and it got dark at around 4, therefore this was the “express tour”.


After a bit of driving we got to Þingvellir – where you can see the gap between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. Also it holds the site of the first Icelandic parliament. Sadly we only got to spend 25 minutes there (because of the express tour). Then we were back on the bus again!


We drove a bit more until we got to the Geyser – which was very impressive! We got a bit more time here so watched the geyser for a while. Then we headed down to the cafe/shop place and grabbed a hot chocolate for the road.


Our last stop was the Gullfoss waterfall. It was also quite impressive! Annoyingly there were morons disrespecting the small chain and climbing over for a photo – some idiot nearly dropped their camera over the cliff. We climbed a lot of steps to get another view of the falls. We then had a look in the gift shop before heading on.


It was dusk when we left the falls, and our last stop on the tour was Kerið. I didn’t realise until then, that was where we were on the Aurora Borealis tour. I also didn’t realise how close the crater was on the Friday night! It was quite dark at this point but I could just about make out the crater!



We headed back to Reykjavik and went for some food. We ended up in the Lebowski Bar for a really tasty burger and an obligatory White Russian (note: I think The Big Lebowski is a shite film, but I agree with The Dude’s White Russian policy!). We then headed on to a bar around the corner, called Bar Annanas, for one and then headed back to the flat to have a few of the airport beers. At around ten o’clock I got a hankering for some chips so ran across the road to the shop/fast food place but the chef did a no show that night. I was raging and had to make do with a chocolate bar!15492541_10157720615705012_6559110646862538074_n

For breakfast we went to a cafe at the bottom of the street called Durum – I had the Breakfast Special – it was tasty! We we going to go to the Saga museum so had to plan our route. We originally thinking of getting a bus but thought it was just as handy to walk, and would see a we bit more of Reykjavik before we went home. Thankfully the rain held off until we got there!


The Saga museum was interesting, giving a condensed history of Iceland but with waxworks! Once done with the tour you can try on viking gear and armour, even chain mail (which is heavier than I thought!). We walked into the place in/beside it  for a coffee, not realising it was a proper restaurant. It seemed quite classy! We didn’t get food but it smelt amazing!



We, instead, went to eat in Dirty Burger & Ribswhere I had (quelle suprise) a burger and ribs. Good stuff! Afterwards we walked to Lake Tjornin to have a look then decided to go up the Hallgrimskirkja tower.

We queued to get a ticket. Got in the lift. Got to the top. It was then I realised that you probably could have just went up with out a ticket – not that it is the type of thing I do. You could see pretty much all of the city!


We had to return to the flat to tidy up the flat/put rubbish in the bin etc, then I went to Reykjavik Roasters to get a coffee for the road, where I was served by a guy who is originally from a town 10 miles from my house. Small world etc.

I’d have loved a few more days in Reykjavik as I feel there was more to be done!

The Eleven Christmas Dinners of Christmas!

What’s the word for something for when you have a thing and do it to death?
Usual rules apply. Only posted these to Facebook. Should have done Twitter too, even though it’s a bit of a toilet these days, I could have got some good #numbers !!

#1 – 4th December – Garrick BarGarrick

Opening Gambit … In previous years my first one tended to be in Wetherspoons with an old work chum. My old work chum then got a transfer to Derry. He was going to come down too but then Wetherspoons scrapped Christmas Dinners, so nuts to that!

Not sure my old work chum would approve of my caption either…

2 – 6th December – Acton & Sons


Current Work’s Christmas dinner … on a Tuesday?!?!?

#3 – 7th December – uEat (University of Ulster, Jordanstown)


I had a programming test the day after my Xmas do (I got 88%) – I came into Jordanstown early to avail of a turkey dinner. No student discount though (it was about £8!!).

#4 9th December – RGB


Old work Christmas dinner

#5 10th December – Whose Art Café


No mash, and gravy was like the gravy you get in a Chinese Takeaway. Poor Show.

#6 – 14th December – work


Work Canteen – ate at my desk – Improvement on last years

#7 15th December – Sainsburys – Hollywood Exchange


Now in it’s 3rd year, my trip to Sainsburys with Marty. Quite average.

McKay, who has reviewed these in the past, came out of retirement with a controversial:

Nope. 0/10

#8 – 17th December – My House


One I made myself. Five years in my house, so it’s the fifth “Belfast Christmas Dinner” for me and Leona, this year we had guests too (two fussy 7 year olds). No dramas and everything went to plan (i.e. I got my timings right and the oven didn’t pack in this time).

#9 – 22nd December – Cast and Crew


Met some friends for lunch. Was okay, but not for £12.95! Regretted not getting a burger because they looked good!

It was this one where my sister asked if sandwiches count (Nope).

#10 – 24th December – Murphy Browns


Another staple in my Christmas dinner month! Something to do us before we hit the road 

It was here where McKay commented if I ever calculated how much my “December Hobby” costs. In short, next year I might keep a running total!

#11 – 25th December – My Ma and Da’s


Another good year! Only three types of potato though, but at least they were the best three (roasties, champ, garlic creamed – don’t @ me)!!


I was in Prague for a weekend – a stag weekend, if you will – but thankfully we aren’t you’re average cliched banter wankers – and if we were, I’m sure we were being ironic. This was before the EU referendum and sterling went to shit….



We did get a limo, not ironically, from the airport – sure why not! It was only about £75 for 6 of us. We got an Uber on the way back to the airport – it was cheaper than a limo (299KR or about £10).


we stayed (near) here


We got an Airbnb – located a few minutes from the main square. The place was a palace and only £60 each – though we were warned that the neighbour was a wanker so we had to go in, and leave, two people at a time – memories of Canada there

“Stag” activities!

img_7832-1Unlike the cliched stag activities – like paintball and what not – we went to an escape room. It was good fun! Yes, we are dorks.. and what?





img_7627Beer was nice and cheap, usually Pilsner Urquell or Staropramen – about 30-60KR depending where you went (about £1-£2!!!). We went to an Irish bar to watch a match and wrote it off as a “dear hole” because beer was slightly over £2 (!) – Someone went to the shop to buy beers and equated it to 30p a bottle!!

We visited many bars but honorary mentions to Harleys and Chapeau Rouge because we ended up there a few times.

We also got a fish bowl – but the less said about that the better




Unlike other city breaks – I didn’t go to any museums or anything.. because I was with the lawwwwddddsss.. oi! oi! Nor did I use the metro – which is sad – because I love a good rapid transport system!

Misc Sightseeing

We saw some sites when walking around.



The less famous Prague clock


a bin

a bin

All in all Prague was good – though we didn’t venture too far out of the Old Town – I’d go back for a non stag holiday… or another stag.. or both…


We went to Oslo for a long weekend. We nearly didn’t make the flight due to the motorway being closed then some idiot nearly crashing into me. However, after a mad rush through the airport we made it to the gate with 10 minutes to spare. Annoyingly the flight was delayed by 45 minutes so we didn’t need to rush!

We landed in a snowy Oslo and after we went through passport control they had sneakily made us walk through a duty free shop before we passed customs. I got myself some tasty Norwegian bottles and a six pack of Aass (mainly due to it’s funny name). Once done with booze shopping we found a bus that took us to a train-station and waited in the snow.

The train journey to Oslo was about an hour, but the train was nice. We arrived in Central Station and walked to the hotel in the snow. Our hotel wasn’t too far away, but the walk in the snow was tough. We checked in, made it to our room, freshened up/drank a can of Aass. We then went for a walk in the snow to get our bearings and get some food!

Snowy view from room

Snowy view from room

It was late by the time dinner was finished, so had a another wee walk to get our bearings before we went back to the hotel, drank some beers and decided what to do the next day in snowy Oslo.

When we woke up all the snow was gone!

No Snow!!

No Snow!!

We knew food was dear in Oslo so made the most of our free hotel breakfast. After breakfast we walked to central station to find the tourist information place and get the Oslo Pass – it was 620NOK each for a 72 hour pass, and meant we got unlimited public transport use and free entry to a few places.


We jumped on a tram but had to get off soon because of road works, ended up walking down towards the Nobel Peace building and jumped on a #30 bus towards the Viking Museum.

Nobel Building

Nobel Building

It was usually 80NOK in – but we got in free because of the Oslo pass. Which is just as well as there wasn’t that big – just one big room so to speak. Still, what they had looked good.

Viking Museum

Viking Museum

We jumped onto another #30 bus and got off beside a couple of museums. First one we went into was the Fram museum – which was quite good. Once again we got in free with our Oslo Pass (100NOK usually) but there was alot to see and do!


We sat outside for a bit to get some air before going into the Maritime Museum. Usually 80NOK – we got in free with our Oslo pass. If you really like boats and what not you’d love the museum … I’m quite indifferent to boats. After a few hours of going to museums we were quite museumed out, so we gave the Kon-Tiki Museum a miss – we jumped onto the next #30 bus back into town.

Once back in town we decided to get a bite to eat. We had seen good reviews for Freddy Feuego’s burrito place online, and it was also recommended by a friend of a friend so we jumped on a tram and headed there. We found the place and it had a lucha theme that was pretty cool. I had a beef burrito. Asked for the hot salsa and the server recommended I try it before getting it. He gave me a nacho with salsa and it blew my head off!! However, I couldn’t give up now so coughed and sheepishly said “sure, it’ll be fine when it’s all mixed together”. I was right – but it was still hot! Leona had a chicken burrito with mild salsa. After I finished mine, I had half of hers to use a cooling agent!


A guy from Dublin was working there (possibly the owner?) and served us some much needed water. We were chatting for a few minutes about burritos, Boojum and what not. Nice lad!

We explored that area and went to find a tram, but instead of waiting we found a bar called Qadis and had a few drinks. It had a good selection of beer – I even had some Sierra Nevada stout which was bloody delicious!! After a few drinks we got the tram back towards our hotel.

We freshened up and then headed out again. There was a bar around the corner called The Dubliner which we were going to go for one or two and then get dinner. It was busy and couldn’t get a seat but noticed a bar next door called ‘The Whiskey Bar’ (which was part of the same complex) and found a seat in there. It had a good selection of beer and I got into that bad habit of trying beer I haven’t had before. We didn’t go for dinner in the end and stayed where we were!

Whiskey bottles

Whiskey bottles

I was going to have a cheeky whiskey before we went back to the hotel (due to the name of the bar!) but I’m glad I didn’t (I was blocked)!

Awoke with a bit of a hangover. Managed to get up before breakfast finished and we went to find a Starbucks so Leona can pick up some Mugs for her collection. We knew there was one in Oslo City but when we got there we realised it was closed on a Sunday! We had to Google another one and noticed there was another 400m away so walked there and I had a sugary Caramel Macchiato to try and stem my hangover!

We got a tram back to Oslo City and jumped on a T-Bane to Tøyen so we could go to the Munch Museum. Free with the Oslo pass, it was usually 100NOK in. It was very heavy security wise – i.e. bags had to be left in lockers and you were x-rayed / had to go through a metal detector before you went in. Though it’s also understandable bearing in mind previous form.

There was an exhibition called Mapplethorpe + Munch on when we were there where they would compare the two. Portraits and the like. Then it moved onto nudes and such, fair enough (there was a lot of ‘Thomas’),  and a wee bit of x-rated stuff. I’m as liberal minded as the next guy but an anal fisting photograph on a Sunday morning, when hungover, was an unexpected shock!

A quick... Munch.. ahahaha

A quick… Munch.. ahahaha

I think we took a wrong turn and ended up back in the lobby, and the queue through security was really long at this point, so I didn’t see all of the Munch collection, which was a shame. I had another coffee, and a cookie, to keep the hangover under control!

After the Munch museum we jump on the T-Bane back into town and then got back on to the #30 bus to the Folk Museum. Normally 125NOK, but we got in with our Oslo pass. It was mainly outside and the rain was heavy so that was grim. I also slipped on ice and landed on my back which was painful. After we were done in the rain I got a slice of savoury pie to cheer me up.


We headed back to the hotel to get freshened up, drink airport purchased prosseco and decide where we wanted to go to dinner. After much deliberation googling we decided on a place called O‘Learys. It was great and very tasty! After dinner we walked down to the Hard Rock Cafe down the street and contemplated watching the Super Bowl, but we were on GMT+1 so couldn’t be bothered staying up so went back to the hotel an hour or so before it started.


After breakfast we went down to the docks to go on a fjord cruise, sadly it started raining heavily and got I saturated. It was miserable and I was in no mood for fjords. After a while we gave up and went into the cabin to drink hot chocolate and warm up. I didn’t get to see much fjord action. We then returned to the hotel to shower/prevent hypothermia.

Miserable in the rain!

Miserable in the rain!

After showering and preventing hypothermia we got changed into some ‘ski’ gear (I just had trousers) we packed so we could go Tobogganing. First we got some lunch in a Scandinavian burger chain called Max Burger – which was bloody tasty! – and got the metro from Storinget which was right outside! We jumped on Line 1 all the way to the end and got off at Frognerseteren.


As we climbed the mountain the snow got heavier, which was crazy as we were only a few miles outside Oslo. We reached the metro station and had to go downhill again, which was dodgy in the snow, and found a place were we could hire sledges. Something like 250NOK, which was okay and they threw in helmets and goggles for free!

We eventually managed to find the start line. Leona volunteered me to go first, so I did. I instinctively steered with my feet which inevitably got my socks wet! You picked up some speed, which at the time felt very fast, but when I watched it back on the Go Pro it seemed very tame. Though at times you got perilously close to the edge, where at one side would be a drop, the other side wall!


Some times the course leveled out or had some bumps so the sled ground to a halt. So when that happened I would wait on Leona to catch up, then we would take off again.


Go Pro injury

At one point I was gaining a bit of speed as the snow was wetter. I tried to take off a bit of speed/take a corner by digging my heel into the snow but the slush went up my trouser leg, I then hit a bump, got a few inches of air and landed in a particularly slushy puddle and got very cold and wet.


Leona coming down the hill


Leona crashing into a wall.. seconds later

When I got to the bottom of the run I fell and landed on my knee, it didn’t seem to bad at the time so we got the train back up the mountain for another run. It was getting dark so after that run we returned the toboggans – we regretted not blowing off the fjords and doing this all day! There were still people using the course after we left (it was pitch black at this point!). My knee was a bit sore by this point.

We returned to the hotel for another shower/change of clothes. Then headed to town to pick up some presents, obligatory Mug for my mother, Fridge magnet for my granny etc then got some Pizza. We had some beers in the hotel and an early night as we had to get up early for the train to the airport.

(The next morning my knee was killing me!!)

The twelve christmas dinners of christmas…

Now a Christmas tradition: I eat loads of Christmas Dinners in December – and post them on the internet!!

#1 – 3/12/15 – Wetherspoons –  Belfast


Like the Charity Shield, this is the usual curtain raiser! A Wetherspoon’s Christmas Dinner, with my old work chum, Alistair! We’ve been doing this for eight years now and this one was the best (they are usually rank)!

 #2 – 04/12/15 – Murphy Browns, Belfast
img_6362Now a regular feature, mainly due to being walking distance to my house. Not as good as last years, but last years was excellent.

#3 – 9/12/15 – uEat – University of Ulster, Jordanstown

Oh, yeah, I went back to uni!

#4 – 12/12/14 – Coach Lane @ Donaghy’s – Sligo


Oh aye, I went to Sligo for my Da’s birthday

#5 – 15/12/15 – Work Canteen

It was slow start this year. Time to ramp it up!

#6 – 15/12/15 – My House
A controversial entry!img_6473 img_6474Some nay-sayers said it didn’t count because it’s a ready meal… IT COUNTS GODDAMMIT!

#7 – 16/12/15 – Sainsburys, Holywood.
img_6476The second annual “go to Sainsburys for a Christmas dinner with Marty”

#7 – 17/12/15 – Victoria’s Belfast


Staff do. Here is where I level with last year! 5th in 4 days! Shit is getting real!

#9 – 18/12/15 – McHughs, Belfast


Old work staff do!

#10 – 20/12/15 – My House


4th annual Belfast house Chirstmas dinner! Yes, I had one in my house a few days earlier.. but this is a legit one!

#11 – 23/12/15 –  Madisons, Belfast


#12 – 25/12/15 – Folks House


12 Christmas Dinners, 11 Christmas Dinners etc etc


Sligo and Leitrim

29. Visit Every County in Ireland – Part XVI and XVII


For some reason my Ma wanted us all to go somewhere for my Da’s birthday. Sligo was the place chosen – mainly because I thought it was closer than it is! I left Belfast at just after three – we arrived in Sligo sometime after six. There were a few stops for Diesel, chips and what not, but still a long drive. Especially as it was dark, cold and, in some places, snowy! We also drove through Cavan and Leitrim … didn’t stop.. so it doesn’t count, hi!

We were staying in the Clarion hotel and met with family to go get dinner. As it is December I would prefer a Christmas Dinner but the hotel restaurant didn’t do that… the actual fuck? So I Googled restaurants on my phone, called the first one and inquired if they did a Christmas dinner and tried to order five before my Ma stopped me.



We went to Coach Lane Restaurant at Donaghy’s bar and ordered a Christmas Dinner (Everyone else ordered not Christmas Dinner! … the actual fuck?!). I also drank an IPA called Cute Hoor. It was nice!

After dinner we went back to the hotel and had a few more drinks. After my Ma and Da went to bed some jabroni came over to us and tried to scobe drink! He got annoyed when we had a debate about the Lion King (I told him it was bollocks!) – he went to the toilet and we abandoned him and went to our rooms.

The next morning we got up and went to find breakfast/brunch in Sligo. We ended up in a cafe called Knox. I had some sort of chorizo, potato, tomato, egg thing (can’t remember what it was called) … it was nice, but straight out of the oven so burnt the mouth of me before I let it cool down! Leona had french toast!

My Da, now in his 57th year, was suspicious of a place that didn’t “do a fry”. My mother ordered a burger for him.

After brunch Leona, my sister and my Ma pissed off to do shopping. I went to Penny’s (with my Da) to buy some nifty Star Wars socks (and got him a hat). I then went to Eason’s to have a look at books, bought a bottle of coke and a Winning Streak scratch card (as it is an ambition to be on that show!). I didn’t get three stars but I won €5!


Then my Da and I went back to the car to wait on the rest. As it’s December we listened to Tim Wheeler/Emmy the Great’s Christmas Album. My Da wasn’t impressed.

When they returned Leona and I drove towards home. I stopped in Manorhamilton (therefore it counts!) to cash my scratchcard and get two more(maybe my criteria should be buy a Winning Streak Scratchcard in each county?). I won another €5! I just cashed it and headed back home, driving through Cavan again but not stopping… so it doesn’t count!

Manorhamilton Petrol Station... it still counts!

Manorhamilton Petrol Station… it still counts!