Have I saved F1?

Have you heard about this new Formula One TV deal ? Have you read about? Have you read about?

Off course you have! Everyone has! Not only that everyone has an opinion about it. Even you! Even people who don’t care! Except me… Until I had an epiphany.

We’ll get to my epiphany in a bit. It seem’s I was one of the first to hear about the Sky deal. When I was asleep. I heard some fella from Sky talking on the Today Programme about how profitable Sky is and now they’ve got Formula One it will be even more brilliant (I’m paraphrasing). It didn’t properly register until the sports news at around half seven and it was just one sentance. Upon hearing it I checked Twitter to see what reactions and the only statement at the time was from Alex Wurz (The man mustn’t sleep.. probably doing a 24hr race).

Anyway I had to go to various garages to get estimates (someone rear ended my car a few days previously) and when I was waiting at the first garage (about 9.20) Twitter exploded with various degree’s of fury.

Then when I got home from said garages I read a few blogs (I had the day off). Some with ways of overcoming the problem at hand, some a bit more blunt.

I was wrestling with getting Sky Sports. I had it before when I lived at home and had plenty of disposable cash. But only using it to watch wrestling and the occasional United match it didn’t seem worth it. Now with F1 I could justify it. Even my girlfriend would use it for F1.

The whole “Rupert Murdoch being evil” debate aside it’s a money matter. Can I justify paying £300 a year to watch F1. I could just save the money and go to another race.

I tweeted the Limelight in Belfast asked them would they show races that were on Sky, similar to an event I read about . The idea being the Limelight is an old garage and has a Sauber front wing on display (c2000?). They also show movies on a big screen. Could be fun, people do this for football, have a few drinks in the afternoon and cheer along with other likeminded people. They never replied. Just as well.. I hate people.

Then Sunday, it all made sense. It hasn’t been confirmed how the BBC extended hilights will work, but it would be good if on a Sunday evening, about six o’clock, they just show the whole race, maybe just edit out safety car laps/ red flags etc. Your afternoons are free and you can enjoy the race just before Countryfile, I mean Top Gear…

How did I come up with this? Well let me tell you… I got very drunk on Saturday night, I was so hungover I didn’t watch the race live and my V+ box recorded it. I watched it later on that evening.

Yes. It’s a simple idea. But I’ve added a few FAQ’s.

What did you drink? Carlsberg.. then I went to the Limelight, drank some Captin Morgans.. yum! (double and coke.. £5.50!)

Anything else? I ate a horrible kebab on chips, that will mess your stomach up. Also, going to a *rawk* night club will ensure head banging and the inevitable sore neck!

How much sleep did you get? I didn’t get home until 4am. Very little sleep was had.

Why is this a good idea? With a sore head, nausea and tirdness would you watch Sky’s equivalent of Eddie Jordan? Sky EJ would be more boombastic. Just think of the level of stupid things it will say!

How do you get mentally prepared to watch the race in the evening? By drinking lots of tea. Line your stomach with food when your ready. If early afternoon eat a fry, fried egg sandwhich (yum!), or something greasy. If late afternoon I recommend a McDonalds Quarter Pounder Meal (make sure there are no dehydrated onions in it.. then you’ll boke!). Also in extreme cases: have a nap!

How do you avoid finding out the result: you’re hungover. You wont want to watch the news as it’s depressing plus you should be no fit state to read therefore avoiding Twitter/Facebook etc is easy

The only drawbacks are you can’t watch the race and read live online comments about the race. The internet is only full of idiots like me, do you really care what I think?

Oh, and, seeing you are in a dark room drinking tea all afternoon you cant really do anything. So you’re not fit to do anything that afternoon *and* you spend the evening watching the race. So more of your weekend is eaten up.

Also, the money you save on not getting Sky Sports is spent on drink… but at least you become more sociable.

Still, I think I may have saved Formula One and fucked over the Murdoch empire. Yay!

Homer is right.