To do list

Not a bucket list. That’s just morbid!

I stole the idea from here , and felt like noting a few things I want to get done in the next … while.

I started with ten and added some over time. They seem quite straight forward. Nothing mental like “I want to go to space” …

Initial Post
First 1000 Days

The List so far:

1. Go to the top of Cavehill
2. Go to the Van Gogh museum.
3. Bake a cake.
4. Lose weight
5. Play a round of golf
6. Play a gig.
7. Go to a United match
8. Try a spiceburger 
9. Read these books about things: The Bible/Mein Campf/The Quran/Communist Manifesto/God is not Great (Christopher Hitchens)/Orign of the Species/The Harry Potter Books/Have a nice day (Mick Foley)
10. See Tom Petty live (Prologue)
11. Go through the IMDB 250
12. Spray a bottle of champagne like the F1 podium
13. Have Lobster
14. See the house from Father Ted
15. Write a Christmas song
16. Make Erwtensoep
17. See an orchestra …
18. Visit New York
19. Do a photography course
20. Make Chilli Con Carne – from scratch.
21. Go to Belfast Giants Game
22. Go to Ulster Rugby Game
23. Go to Irish Rugby international at the Aviva
24. Watch all the following “classic” TV series: The Sopranos / The Wire / The World at War / Twin Peaks / The West Wing
25. Couch to 5k.
26. Relearn how to swim
27. Buy a domain for this blog.
28. Get my garden “sorted”
29. Visit every county in Ireland.
30. Do a cooking course
31. Buy a DSLR (before #19)
32. Attempt (and conquer) the “Big Lad”

33. Walk the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge
34. Eat Sushi from a Train
35. Visit Japan
36. Attempt a Raspberry Pi project
37. Visit California
38. See ‘The Book of Mormon’
39. Attend a Wrestling show
40. Drive a left hand drive car / on the right side of the road






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